➡️ Step 1

Download this PDF document to view membership requirements for joining practitioners:


There are now two Registration Options for Practitioners:

  • 1. Direct registration where a New Applicant does not belong to one of the NHPNZ Professional Associations.
  • 2. New Applicant that does belong to a NHPNZ Professional Association.


➡️ Step 2

Download the Full NHPNZ Membership Application Form:


Download the Full Member Application Form Joining through a NHPNZ Professional Association:



Download the Student NHPNZ Membership Application Form:



➡️ Step 3

Complete Membership Application Form, attach relevant documentation and post to Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand at

PO Box 31 396, Milford, Auckland, 0741


➡️ Step 4

Your application will be presented to the Registrar for processing.


➡️ Step 5

Upon acceptance you will receive your NHPNZ Membership, Practicing and Insurance certificates.